Fort Hood Army wives: It’s a life of military wives

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The Fort Hood, Texas, Army’s newest family unit will be known as the Fort Hood Family, and it’s bringing some of the most elite soldiers to live with it.

The Army is the first to announce the news, as the first official female members of the Fort’s military family have been selected.

The new unit will have female officers, a commander, a lieutenant colonel, a sergeant major, a colonel, and an enlisted sergeant.

The Army also plans to add a first lieutenant and a second lieutenant to the unit.

The female officers will be the only ones allowed to wear the uniforms, which will be based on the soldiers’ current uniform.

They’ll also be able to use the uniforms outside the unit and on official missions, like training, and in training exercises.

The unit’s name, Fort Hood Soldiers and Sailors Brigade, is a nod to the men and women who will serve in the unit’s barracks.

The Fort Hood soldiers and sailors are expected to wear their uniform in front of the public, but not in their homes.

They will wear the same gear and have the same weapons as their male counterparts, including rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

The soldiers and sartans will wear their uniforms on military training bases, and will have the ability to take and store their weapons and gear on their own.

The new units are also expected to have some restrictions for women, like no one under 21 will be allowed to be in the new unit’s command, and they’ll only be allowed one day a week to go outside the Fort.

But they’ll be allowed time to rest and eat.

The Fort’s command will have no control over the unit, but it will still be able send in its own officers and staff members.

The news is the latest in a string of announcements from the Fort Smith, Ark., Army’s new Family unit.

A similar unit in Florida will be launched next year, with a larger and more diverse workforce.

The next unit in Texas, the Fort Worth Soldiers and Officers Brigade, will have a woman commander and two female officers.


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