How the Pentagon paid $2 billion in 2016, and how it spent it

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The Pentagon has paid more than $2.4 billion since the beginning of this year to a handful of contractors who have been charged with misusing the Pentagon’s budget to fund weapons programs, the Office of the Inspector General has found.

The IG’s report, obtained by Recode, details how the military contractors were paid, how much they received and how they used their work to support the Department of Defense.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The watchdog report, which was issued Monday, does not say whether the contractors were aware of the Pentagon-funded programs or were involved in the decisions to use the money.

It also did not include any of the contractors’ actual expenses related to their work, such as travel and lodging.

The IG found that at least $1.5 billion was spent on weapons, including weapons systems, for the armed forces, which includes a $1 billion Pentagon program for small arms and small munitions.

The report, however, did highlight the Department’s failure to provide adequate oversight of the procurement process, noting that the Pentagon did have oversight for some procurement efforts.

The Office of Inspector General found that the Defense Department has paid $1,049,906 to more than 600 contractors since it began tracking the spending in 2014.

The total value of those payments has more than doubled since 2014.

Some of the $1 million in payments was for weapons systems and other equipment that were later used in combat.

The department’s inspector general found that $1 in the initial amount was paid to the contractor’s office, and that a contractor’s own company paid $500,000 to the Pentagon in 2016.

The watchdog report found that some of the payments were not properly accounted for.

The inspector general did not name the contractor.

Some contractors were identified in the report as having violated a 2015 agreement between the Pentagon and a group of other federal agencies to make a single “comprehensive accounting” of their spending.

The audit also found that another $5 million was paid out to contractors after the audit was completed.

The audit also raised questions about the Defense Secretary, Gen. Joseph Dunford, who has said that he will not release any records about how the department spent the money it received.

The Defense Department also received $3.3 million from the State Department for training contracts, including $1-million in the first quarter of 2017.

The Department of Homeland Security received $2 million from an unnamed federal agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency received $4.6 million in 2016 from the National Flood Insurance Program.

The inspector general also found at least five separate payments from the Department to a defense contractor.

In addition, the watchdog report said the Defense and Homeland Security Departments used military personnel for training purposes.

The Pentagon also spent $1 on an exercise by a special operations unit in Alaska.

The Inspector General also found the Defense Office of Security received more than 100,000 pages of records from the Office for Government Ethics about the Pentagon payments.

The records revealed that at the time the Office was created in 2007, it received $1 for each page of documents it reviewed.


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