How to Become an Army Dress Blue Shirt in China

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What you need to know about China’s military dress blues program: How to become an army dress blue shirt in ChinaThe military dress blue shirts are worn to show the military how you dress.

They are meant to represent the military, the troops, and the Chinese people. 

What you need: A uniform that is at least 18 inches wide and 8 inches high. 

A shirt that is either white or black, and not too tight. 

Two pairs of pants that are either white, black, or a combination of both. 

One black belt, one white belt, and one black tie. 

At least one pair of black shoes. 

Accessories: One pair of white gloves. 

The military has worn white gloves since the mid-1960s. 

You can also buy military uniforms at military stores. 

If you are wearing black shoes, wear them with black socks. 

Make sure to have your hair done in the same style. 

Be prepared to be on guard. 

Military dress blue is the unofficial uniform of the Chinese military.

It is worn by cadets and enlisted men as well as civilian employees and even soldiers. 

It is not officially recognized as the official uniform of China, but is a symbol of the government and is often worn in public. 

There are more than 2,000 military dress blues, ranging from white to black. 

For a refresher on the military dress, here is a guide: What is the military uniform?

The military uniform is a formal uniform that serves as a way of showing military honor and authority to the public.

It has been the standard uniform for decades in China, and many Chinese people wear the uniform on a daily basis. 

According to China’s constitution, the military consists of the PLA, People’s Liberation Army, and National Defense Force. 

In a country where people are considered the second generation, it is expected that everyone in China is able to serve their country honorably. 

This is why many people in China wear military dress Blue. 

Who can wear military uniform blue?

You can wear it to show off the military honor of your country, as well.

You can wear the military blue shirt as a symbol that you are in command and your military is loyal to the country.

You also can wear navy blue shirts as a statement that you represent the country, especially in the military. 

How much does it cost to become a military dress?

A military dress white shirt costs at least $10 and navy blue jeans costs at $20.

You could also purchase military uniform blues at military shops or online. 

Why would you wear military clothes to show your country?

A dress blue uniform is also a way to show support for the country’s leadership.

Military dress blue also reflects a person’s personal identity, which is very important in a country like China. 

When people see a military uniform, they can see themselves reflected in the uniform and it is also used to show that they are the most respected in their family and society. 

People have worn military dress black to show respect to other soldiers in the past, but that tradition is being phased out. 

Do you need military dress uniform bles?

You should not wear military clothing in public because military dress is a public display of patriotism.

However, it does have a place in some social settings, like a wedding, to show appreciation and honor for other members of your family. 

Can I wear military uniforms in public?

Yes, military uniforms are allowed in public, but not in your own home.

You should be aware of the following rules when you are on the streets or in public places: Be careful when walking around. 

Don’t wear your military uniform in public in large groups. 

Remember to keep your eyes on your destination, as people in a large crowd can be intimidating. 

Avoid wearing military clothes outside of a restaurant. 

Paying attention to your surroundings can be difficult at times. 

Never wear your uniform on public transportation. 

Only wear your Army uniform when in uniform, as it is meant to be seen. 

Always be aware that people will look at you in a different way when you wear your Navy blue uniform. 

Is there a difference between military dress uniforms and civilian clothes?

Military dress uniforms are not officially worn by the Chinese government.

Military uniforms are often worn by non-military members of the public, especially for religious ceremonies, weddings, or other occasions. 

However, it has been legal to wear military blue or navy blue clothes to indicate that you belong to the military and are an officer of the Communist Party of China.

You must be of Chinese descent. 

Are there other ways to show my support for China?

In China, the official military dress will not only be worn in the public but also at religious events, such as weddings, funerals, and other funerals. 


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