How to make a Swiss Army knife out of an iPhone

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With a small budget, this DIY Swiss Army Knife could become an instant fashion statement.

The Swiss Army is a well-known Swiss knife manufacturer that makes some of the most well-respected pocket knives in the world.

But for many, the company isn’t just about knives, but also about a great deal of other accessories.

A Swiss Army Mini can be a great accessory for any man or woman, but this Swiss Army mini is an excellent accessory for a woman as well.

It’s a Swiss army knife that you can easily carry with you and that can also be easily customized to fit your personality and preferences.

This mini knife, however, was made to be used with an iPhone.

So, what exactly is an iPhone mini?

In short, it’s a smaller version of an iPad mini that’s made to fit a phone’s tiny dimensions.

The Mini comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner, so you can unlock the device to access your most important files, apps, and more.

And of course, it has a headphone jack for connecting to your phone.

We’ve put together an easy-to-use step-by-step video guide to make this Mini the ultimate accessory for the iPhone mini.

This is a Swiss soldier’s dream and a real must-have for any woman who wants to take it for a go.

How to Make a Swiss Armourer’s Mini for iPhone mini article Step 1: Make the Swiss Army’s Mini The first step in making your own mini is to purchase an iPhone Mini.

But if you don’t already have one, you can always use a cheaper alternative, like the Samsung Galaxy Mini or the HTC One Mini.

You can find these mini-phones at the Best Buy and Walmart.

If you have a Samsung phone, you’ll want to go with the Samsung version, as they’re a little cheaper than the Apple version.

Step 2: Choose the Size of the iPhone Mini You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.

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