How to play Army Worms

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Army WormSkins is a strategy game in which you play the army of the planet and the aliens.

The game’s creators are known for creating games that are difficult to get into, but Army Wormheads is one of the hardest.

The game uses a mixture of strategy and tactics to create a game that requires a solid grasp of the game’s mechanics and strategy.

The rules of the board are very straightforward and the game requires only a few moves to win.

The army of planets is divided into sectors and each sector is called a star.

A sector star represents a planet, while a planet is represented by a star with a circle around it.

The sector star can be destroyed by enemy attack or by enemy missiles, but it is still vulnerable to enemy attacks.

You have two choices when attacking the enemy star.

You can destroy it or capture it.

If you capture a sector star, you gain an extra star and you can use that star to capture more sectors, and so on.

There are three types of stars: planets, stars, and satellites.

The planet type stars are located in the upper left corner of the screen.

The star type stars appear in the lower left corner.

Each sector has four planets, four star types, and four satellites.

A planet can only be captured once and can’t be destroyed.

The strategy of the army is to take control of sectors and take control over the planet types and star types.

The sectors are the places that the aliens come from.

You control a sector by clicking it on the board.

If a sector is controlled by the aliens, it is an enemy sector.

The planets are the planets that are owned by the enemy.

The stars are the stars that are controlled by you.

The satellites are the satellites that are your own.

The alien races that are in your sector are called planets.

They are your enemies.

Each planet is controlled and controlled by a different alien race.

You cannot take control or control a planet unless you own it.

You have to capture it and then take it back from the aliens or you will lose it.

You can’t capture planets unless you have the ability to destroy planets.

The aliens that control the planets can destroy the planets, so you can’t just sit there and wait for the aliens to destroy your planet.

The aliens are divided into four different types of planets.

You start with a planet that is owned by one of your enemies and can be captured by the alien race controlling it.

Another planet that you own can be used to capture planets that you have control of, so long as you own the planet.

A third planet is owned only by the army, so the aliens cannot capture planets.

A fourth planet is an ally planet that can be taken by you and the enemy and used to control other planets.

If the alien races control both of the enemy planets, then the alien faction control the ally planet.

There is no enemy faction on the ally planets.

If you have captured all four planets then you are in control of all planets in your space.

You must capture the enemy sector to take it.

The enemy star type is one that only the aliens can destroy.

You use this type of star to control a star type that only you can control.

Each star type can only control one type of planet.

The enemy type stars can only have one type or type of enemy star on it.

This star type cannot be destroyed or captured by your own type or enemy type.

If all four enemy star types are destroyed, the game ends.

The only way out is to capture the star type and the planet type and then capture it again.

The AI is fairly intelligent.

The AI can detect the presence of enemies and will defend its territory.

If an enemy planet is captured by you, then you will be attacked by the AI.

If that enemy planet or planet type is destroyed, you lose control of the captured planet or star type.

If it is destroyed again, you will get a star back.

The same goes for a captured enemy star or planet.

If this star type or planet is destroyed twice, you can capture it once more.

The planets are your territory and can contain any kind of enemy aliens that you want.

If there are no enemy planets or enemy star objects on the planet, the alien species cannot spawn there.

If your territory is full, you cannot capture any enemy planets.

There’s a minimum amount of territory that you must have.

The space that is inhabited by your enemies is called the sector.

There can be any number of sectors on a planet.

Each sectors is a star and has a circle on it in the top left corner, so a sector can be controlled by any star type you own.

Each of your sectors can be owned by any alien race that owns it.

There must be an alien species that owns a sector.

If any of the alien’s aliens are on the sector, they can be attacked.

If they are destroyed again


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