How to survive a zombie apocalypse

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The zombies will not kill you, but if they do you can always make it back to safety.

That’s the advice of veteran soldier and Army Training Network (ATN) training network leader, Lt.

Col. Jason Fuhrman, who was honored Thursday at the World’s Best Soldiers conference at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pa.

Fuhrmann told the audience that if they did get into a zombie outbreak, they would likely have to survive it as long as they stayed alive.

He cited a zombie infection in Iraq, the 2010 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the 2014 Fort Hood massacre in Texas as examples of the threat to Americans.

“It’s all about surviving, it’s not about surviving,” Fuhrsman said.

“You can never be prepared.

There’s no way to know how long you’re going to be here.

If you get caught in the crossfire, you’re screwed.”

Fuhrsmann, who has been an Army Reserve Ranger since 2008, is credited with bringing the Army’s Zombie Army training network into the modern era.

As part of his work at the ATN, Fuhrdmans team developed a way for soldiers to get on a train and walk back home.

That train was the Army Zombie Train, a military-style zombie-train that was first used in Afghanistan in 2012.

In addition to providing training in the field, Fohrmans team also partnered with military trainers from the Army Special Forces to create the zombie-training system at ATN.

He said that when soldiers started working at ATNs, it wasn’t just about training them to survive the zombie apocalypse, but also training them how to be able to move, communicate and have a sense of humor.

“I don’t want to go out there and tell you it’s the best thing ever,” Fohrsman told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

“It’s not.

But I know how to get there.

I know what to do.

But that’s what we do, too.

You can’t just go out and say, ‘I’ll go get a ride home and I’ll be fine.’

It’s not going to work that way.”

The Zombie Army Training network is one of the nation’s largest training organizations and has trained more than 10,000 Army and Air Force personnel.

It has more than 5,000 military and civilian employees worldwide, according to its website.

The ATN also trains soldiers who have recently been deployed overseas and is a major hub for the Army zombie outbreak.

The network trains at least 100,000 soldiers per year in the U


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