Lego Army Men (2012) video, video, and Lego Army War Chest (2012), new army uniforms

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New York City’s new Lego Armymen have some very familiar faces in their ranks.

The boys, who were unveiled as part of the new Lego brand, are wearing familiar Lego army uniforms.

They have a cool look to them, and some of the faces look familiar.

The army uniforms also include the familiar Lego Army logo and the classic Lego army logo on the chest.

The men also have a bunch of new Lego toys, and they’re going to show you all of them, along with the new army’s newest toys, on New York’s Comic-Con.

Check out the video and the rest of the pics to see the new guys, and how the army was assembled. 

Read more at New York Times Read more: New Lego army men reveal the new look of the brand, including a new look for the army In the past, the New York Army has featured a collection of iconic figures, including characters like Lego Batman, Mr. Potato Head and The Incredible Hulk.

The Lego army, which is the latest incarnation of the Lego brand in the United States, has grown to include a whole host of Lego models, as well as other familiar Lego figures, like the new Ghostbusters and the new Iron Man.

This year, the company has announced that it will be adding a number of new models, and now it’s showing off some of them in action, along the way.

Lego Army is also showing off its new army men.

The first of these new men are the Lego Army 1.

They look pretty cool, with a big red heart, and the army is sporting a pair of white boots.

They also have an orange shirt, with the words “new army men” on it. 

Next up is the Lego Soldiers.

They’re dressed in red, and with a black belt.

They are wearing the new LEGO army uniform.

This one is also wearing a new Lego army helmet.

The last one, the Lego Men, is wearing a red shirt with the army logo.

The new army, for some reason, has the words LEGO army on the shirt, as they’re dressed up in a new uniform.

Lego Men is the first Lego Army to feature a black-colored uniform, as the company had previously done with the Men in Black, the soldiers who first appeared in the movie Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. 

The Lego Men and the Lego Boys also have some new toys, including Lego Bricks, which are the bricks that make up the army.

Bricks are Lego blocks, which can be used to build whatever the army wants.

You can get Lego bricks at any brick store. 

In addition to the army, Lego also has the new “Lizard King,” which is a giant Lego man who is the leader of the army and is the face of the company.

He’s got a giant, purple head and a blue suit that’s almost as big as his body.

The “Lizards” are a new series of Lego figures that feature characters like a Lego Spiderman, a Lego Captain America and a Lego Batman.

They’ve also got new Lego vehicles, including the Lego Rascal, a flying hoverbike and the Brickmaster, which looks like a giant wooden toy truck with the word “Lego” on the side. 

These are just a few of the things that Lego has announced for this year. 

So far, Lego has shown off two sets of toys, a new army toy, and a new “Legoman,” a “Legomart” that looks like an enormous Lego man.

Lego also is showing off new Lego characters, including “The King of the LEGO World,” the Lego version of the character, which will make his return this year when the new film The Lego Movie hits theaters. 

I can’t wait to see what all these toys are going to look like in action.


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