Military branches in Mexico’s war on drugs are now using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to boost their recruitment and retention

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The militarization of the military in Mexico has reached a new level of escalation with branches in the country now using social media to boost recruitment and keep their members active, according to an investigation by Mashable.

Militaries across the country are using Facebook and Twitter to boost membership numbers and retain their members, which is seen as an important step towards the militarization that began under former President Felipe Calderón in 2006.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Mexico (FARC) are using these platforms to reach new members and encourage them to stay in their ranks, said an analysis by Mashables’ Joaquin Solis.

In 2018, the FARC declared war on the United States, which has a presence in Mexico.

The military has since deployed a number of troops to the United State to combat drug trafficking and drug cartels.

The FARC has used Facebook to boost its recruitment efforts, including a Facebook page dedicated to recruiting young people, Solis said.

The page, which was recently suspended, is still active.

According to Solis, this is an important shift that is happening in the military, as they are now trying to increase recruitment efforts by using the social media platforms.

This means they are using their own channels and they are also using Facebook to promote their military branch, Sols said.

This has already started to happen in 2017, when the Farc began using the Facebook page to boost the recruitment of young men, he added.

The new military recruiting strategy is also being implemented in some of the state-run military academies, where the academy is set up to train and educate young people in the use of the new social media tools.

According the study, the academies have also implemented “virtual recruiting,” where they are able to send messages on social media in order to enlist young people.

This allows the academy to recruit new recruits through these platforms and it is an attempt to “bring young people into the military through the use [of] their own platforms,” Sols explained.

Misconduct on social platforms is also a big problem, according Solis.

“The recruitment of new recruits is extremely important,” Solis added.

“They are used as cannon fodder to justify the military.

In addition, it has created a perception that the military is corrupt, and the army has to be transparent.”

This is something that is being promoted by the military to increase its legitimacy and its power, said Solis who has worked with the FAR in the past.

“When the FARS are fighting the US, [the] FARC is fighting the USA.

This is a conflict between two enemies.

This has to end,” Soles said.

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