The Salvation Army is getting the most money out of the toys it makes and selling them

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The Salvation Armies biggest toy, a doll, has sold for $11,000, a record price for an Army doll. 

The Salvation Army made the doll after winning the World Series. 

Soldiers have been buying the dolls for $8,000 to $11 and $5,000 for $5. 

But the Salvation Army sells them for $6,000 or more. 

“We’re very pleased with our sales performance,” the Salvation Armys spokesperson, Mike Jones, told Buzzfeed.

“We’re thrilled to be able to give back to the Salvationarmy.

They have been a great partner for us.” 

The doll is part of the Salvation army’s latest push to reach out to younger shoppers. 

A Salvation Army spokesman said the doll, called Baby Doll, is a “great addition to the armys inventory.” 

“Baby Doll is a wonderful addition to our inventory of doll collections,” said a Salvation Army spokesperson.

“She is a great addition to any household, with a doll collection of the same caliber as our other doll collections.” 

Jones said the dolls are part of an “emotional investment” that also includes other Salvation Army dolls, such as a new T-shirt. 

 “You can wear it and it’s a great feeling,” he said. 

Baby Doll has sold out. 

At the Salvation armys website, Baby Doll has only been on sale for a few days, and it has already sold out of its original 8-inch doll.

“The doll was made to celebrate the arrival of the first Army of Salvation and is available for $7,000,” Jones said.

“For a great gift or to give to your friends, you can buy it as a pair or as a gift set.” 

Baby doll is also being sold at a “special price” that includes a special box, the Salvation soldiers spokesperson said.


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