What do you need to know about Tiger Army?

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Tiger Army is a Chinese paramilitary organisation, whose mission is to defend the homeland of China against foreign aggression.

The group has been accused of using paramilitary tactics and using the internet to recruit new recruits, in particular, those with poor communication skills.

The organisation has also been accused by human rights groups of abusing detainees in detention centres, and has been the subject of widespread criticism from both China and outside organisations.

Tiger Army has faced accusations of human rights abuses in China, with a recent Amnesty International report claiming that the organisation has been involved in “extrajudicial killings” and torture.

In an interview with China’s state-run news outlet Global Times, former Chinese Army Colonel Wang Wei, said that the Chinese Army has been using the Internet to recruit young people for its special forces, and he also revealed that some Tiger Army members have already been recruited by the Chinese government.

“It’s been reported that Tiger Army’s military service was being used by the state and local authorities, and that members of the Tiger Army have been arrested for allegedly recruiting others,” Wang said.

“As for the organisation’s own operations, they have even been involved with terrorism and drug trafficking.”

While Wang was not specifically referring to the organisation, he did say that the group had been involved “in recruiting new members”.

“If I were to say exactly how many recruits they have, I don’t know, but it’s estimated that about 10,000 have been recruited and that about 1,000 of them have gone on to join the Chinese military,” Wang continued.

“The Chinese government has made a number of allegations against Tiger Army in the past.

They are known to be involved in human rights violations in the country.”

Wang also admitted that the Tiger Group’s social media accounts had been hacked and that some of the posts on the group’s Twitter account had been posted by Chinese state media outlets.

“There are a lot of allegations of their own, and there are also some things they do that are not exactly true,” he said.

According to the group, it has around 700,000 members and is active in all provinces of China.

In the interview, Wang also claimed that some members of Tiger Army were involved in political activism and had been arrested in the recent past for their political views.

“A number of Tiger Soldiers have been detained, and some are also accused of being involved in terrorist activities,” he added.

“We have had some people arrested, and we are looking into their political activities.”

Wang said that some former Tiger Army fighters were also involved in terrorism and had recently been arrested by the government.

A number of the alleged Tiger Army recruits were reportedly caught using fake names to join terrorist groups.

“Some of them were even arrested by Chinese authorities, which is very strange,” Wang explained.

“They all have fake names, so they are all really very dangerous people.”

Wang added that Tiger soldiers had also been involved and arrested by security forces in other countries, including Malaysia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

“In Thailand, we have had people arrested who are allegedly Tiger Soldiers, who were arrested on charges of being part of a terrorist group,” Wang added.

Wang also revealed an allegation that Tiger Soldiers were involved with the kidnapping of a Taiwanese journalist.

“During the last week, a Taiwanese newspaper reporter in Shenzhen was kidnapped and held hostage for three days,” Wang claimed.

“He was interrogated for a long time, but was never allowed to leave his hotel room, and was tortured and tortured for three weeks.

After the journalist was released, he contacted me, and told me that a Tiger Army member was arrested, who was also detained in the same hotel room.”

The journalist who was abducted was identified as Li, and the incident led to the formation of a joint investigation into the abduction.

According the Chinese state-owned Global Times website, Li has been held in prison for three months, and his family has been denied visits from family members, who have reportedly suffered psychological and physical harm from his detention.

“Li was a reporter for the Taiwan-based Global Times,” Wang concluded.

“Many of the journalists that we have detained are members of this Tiger Army.”


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