What happens if the US pulls out of Afghanistan?

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It’s been more than a decade since the last US troops left Afghanistan.

But if the United States pulls out this December, it could face a whole new set of challenges: How will Afghan authorities deal with an American withdrawal?

How will the US respond to the Taliban’s resurgence?

How might it deal with a resurgent Iranian presence in the country?

The questions have all been on the minds of many Afghans since the United Nations announced a withdrawal plan for Afghanistan earlier this year.

The country has never been able to sustain itself without its military.

It depends on the United State for a large chunk of its income, and is reliant on international aid for most of its basic needs.

In the past, the US military’s presence in Afghanistan has been widely seen as a symbol of American dominance, and a threat to the country’s security.

But as the US withdraws, Afghan security forces may not be able to maintain the security that they once did, and Afghan forces could be forced to confront the threat of an insurgency.

For some Afghans, the decision to leave will mark the end of an era.

They’ve watched the US troop withdrawal with some trepidation, especially as it comes as Afghanistan continues to struggle economically and politically.

But the American presence in recent years has provided the Afghans with an important opportunity to build a stronger, safer, and more secure society.

The US withdrew troops from Afghanistan in December, the year after President Donald Trump was elected.

But for many Afghans, this has meant that the US is the last military power left in the world.

For the past two decades, the country has been struggling economically and socially.

It has also been under a US-led coalition that has been involved in conflicts in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Since the US withdrawal, more than 60,000 Afghan civilians have been killed, according to Human Rights Watch.

The United States has spent more than $7.5 billion since 2011 on military operations in Afghanistan, according a report from the Council on Foreign Relations.

These efforts have failed to significantly improve the security situation.

In fact, a recent UN report found that the Taliban is now the second most powerful insurgent group in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has also grown more powerful over the past year, and its leader, Mullah Omar, has been increasingly active in Afghanistan over the last year.

“The US withdrawal is a huge setback for Afghan society,” said Hiba Momeni, a political scientist at the University of Kabul.

“The Taliban has been fighting for more than three decades, and it is now being led by a man who is still considered by many as the Taliban leader.”

The US military has spent years trying to rebuild the country.

It’s seen its presence in a number of countries since the withdrawal, and the US has invested billions in rebuilding infrastructure and training new Afghan soldiers.

But this has also led to more conflict and the continued presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan—and this is what many Afghans are concerned about.

“Afghan society is now struggling,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, a Kabul-based political analyst and a professor at Kabul University.

“We are now facing an armed insurgency.

This means that a large part of the population will not have any security, no stability, no security,” he said.

Many Afghans are also worried about how their country will be treated by international organizations.

As a member of the international coalition, the United Kingdom has the ability to negotiate with the Taliban.

The US is also a member, though it is still a coalition member.

But these negotiations are often fraught, as international agencies do not always have complete access to the countries involved.

Afghanistan is the only country in the region that the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has visited.

Its office in Kabul has been able get into the country once every few months, but it’s not always a friendly experience for Afghans.

In May, it was only able to visit Afghanistan after months of planning.

“We are very nervous, and we are not comfortable about visiting the country,” said Momenia.

“Afghan officials are very scared.

It is not safe.

We are afraid of the security forces.”

Afghan government officials have also struggled with the fact that the Americans will no longer be in the capital of the country, Kabul.

There is a separate government office in the city, and many Afghans live in other parts of the capital, Kabul, which has a large American presence.

“There are fears that we will be displaced from the capital and that there will be problems for our families,” Momen said.

For many Afghans who are now looking for security in the US, leaving the country could mean that they could lose their homes.

According to Afghan data, at least 4,919 families have lost their homes to the fighting.

In a country where unemployment is at record highs, the loss of the ability for families to return to their homes would mean that many families would be unable to live in the new communities that


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