When The Army Recounted: The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863

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When The Soldiers’ Monument at Gettysburg was unveiled in 1863, it was the biggest and most famous monument in the country.

But there was another, much smaller monument at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Army Post Office.

The Soldiers Monument was a monument to the men who had given their lives to save the Union.

It was the cornerstone of a memorial that would be the symbol of the war.

It is the only monument in American history to honor the sacrifice of more than a hundred thousand Americans.

The monument was a reminder that it is our duty to continue fighting for freedom in the midst of our own country’s political and economic challenges.

In the months before the battle of Gettysburg, a small group of men and women from around the country gathered in a wooded area and debated the merits of war.

They took up a plan to build a monument, with a simple message: The American people deserve a monument.

The idea had been around since the 1800s, and the men and woman behind it were motivated by the belief that a monument should reflect our nation’s history and culture.

The men and they had their work cut out for them.

The plan was to erect a massive bronze plaque in the form of a cross with the words: “To all those who have served with us, and who have fought for our freedom, who have died for our rights.”

The monument would be surrounded by a fence topped with a large granite cross.

A small portion of the monument would have a portrait of the Union commander, General Robert E. Lee, as well as an inscription, “I give my life for your freedom.”

The idea was to include some of the veterans of the American Revolution, as the Union fought for their freedom.

But the idea of memorializing the men of the War of 1812, and their sacrifice, was a controversial one among the Union forces.

For many of the soldiers of the Continental Army, the war had not ended for them and they wanted a monument that would reflect their history and commemorate their fallen comrades.

And they didn’t just want a memorial.

The memorial, the men believed, would have to be a celebration of the sacrifices of those who fought.

And it would have two purposes: one, to commemorate those who had fought and died for their country, and two, to honor and glorify those who were still serving today.

For a while, the plan seemed to be succeeding.

The Union’s Union Army, which had been battling against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, was losing badly.

The soldiers of both sides were losing in the war and both sides had suffered many defeats.

But as the war continued, the soldiers began to see the Union’s loss as inevitable.

They wanted a memorial to honor those who died in the service of the country, as much as they wanted to honor their fallen comrade.

The decision to create a monument was complicated.

It had to be memorialized in a way that was inclusive to all the veterans, and it had to reflect the unique perspective of the Confederate soldiers and the Union soldiers.

For the men, it meant the monument could be a monument of remembrance of all those soldiers who had died in battle, rather than one focused on a single Confederate soldier.

It meant the Confederate monument had to depict the soldiers who fought to defend their freedom, rather it was one focused solely on the Confederates, who had defeated them.

But for the Union, it would be a reminder of those soldiers.

It would reflect the great sacrifice that their men made for the freedom of their nation, and a tribute to those men, not just a monument honoring a single individual.

And so, the effort to create the monument began.

The initial idea for the monument was to build it around the cross, which the men had created and used in their own war memorials.

The Cross and the Monument The first Confederate monument was the Union Memorial at the site of the Battle of Liberty Place, where Confederate Gen. Robert E and Mary Lee, the wives of the late General John McLean, stood.

The two-ton cross, inscribed with their names and initials, stood atop a large stone slab.

On the far side of the cross was a bronze figure of a soldier, holding a rifle and a rifle-pistol, with the inscription: “Soldier, you may never again make me afraid, but you shall never again be silent in my defense.”

The inscription was followed by a small section of text that said: I give my all for your safety and liberty.

The statue itself, however, was not a statue.

It consisted of an iron cross that stood at the base of the memorial.

It bore the inscription “SOUTHERN STATES OF AMERICA” and an inscription on the top, “TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SERVED WITH US.”

The stone slab was placed at the head of the Monument, where a cross had once stood.

But it was now missing the inscription.


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