When you’re stuck in the mud and the water, it’s best to stay in the boat

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When you get stuck in a mud puddle and the waters aren’t really shallow, it is best to not only get out of the water but also stay in your boat.

That’s the advice of the Navy and Marine Safety Advisory Group (NMASAG) which recommends people use only their water bottles, and keep the boat at a minimum depth of one metre for the rest of the day.

However, for some people, it may be worth sticking with the boats, and they can get stuck with a heavy bill.

“If you get into a puddle, it can cause some serious problems, like decompression sickness and possibly death,” said Mark McNeill, a NSW Government-funded engineer and head of the NMASAG.

“You might also find that you need to move your equipment around a bit to keep the water out.”

He said if you have to move something around to get it to work, it was best to stick with the same water bottle and keep it in your hand.

Muddy conditions and poor visibility are also factors that could cause trouble in the water.

In a report released on Monday, NMASG chief executive officer David Cawthorn said if the water temperature is below 10 degrees C, the risks of hypothermia (cold or wet) and hypothermic hypothermias (being too warm or cold) are greater.

He said the NMISG’s advice should be used with caution, particularly when working in wet and muddy conditions.

“It is very important to remember that you have a limited amount of time before the water gets too hot, and that the weather is likely to change rapidly, so you can’t expect to be safe,” Mr Cawthson said.

“However, if you do get hypotherms or hypothermopacias it’s important that you remain in the vessel as much as possible, and do not move anything away from the body or your body temperature.”

The report said there were some areas of NSW where conditions were particularly hazardous.

For example, in the north-east, the water was 30 degrees colder than the national average, and there was a danger of water intrusion in parts of the Darling Downs.

The report also said there was significant danger of hypoxic hypothermy and hypoxic septicemia, which is when a person is in the middle of a hypothermal condition and is too hot for their body to cool down.

There is also the risk of hypoxia, which means that oxygen levels are too low.

The NMISAG said that if conditions are hazardous to life or health, people should stay in their own vessel until they are safely out of danger.

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