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The Grand Army of the Republic of China (GAR) have announced the formation of a new Special Operations Regiment, the National Army.

The new unit will form part of the “Special Operations Force”, the special forces tasked with counter-terrorism operations and counter-espionage.

This new unit is expected to form part a new National Security Force, the national security force that will be tasked with defending the country’s borders and protecting the sovereignty of its citizens.

The newly-formed National Security Forces will be led by Colonel Sun Jiabao, the commander of the National Security Command, and will be able to operate across the entire country.

The GAR will also be able expand its forces across other countries, including Australia, the United States, and Israel.

As the new GAR is based in Beijing, it will be the first of its kind.

This will allow it to take part in the global military campaign against the US and its allies, and is an indication that the GAR are getting ready to expand their activities to other parts of the world.

While the new National Army will have a small number of soldiers, the new force will be made up of an estimated 500,000 troops and officers.

This is the biggest deployment of its size in years, with some reports saying that China will be sending more troops to the US than the US is sending to China.

The National Army is expected at least partly to take up positions within the GAC.

The formation of the new army comes just a month after China’s military launched a large-scale military exercise called the “Military Challenge 2017”.

The exercise was aimed at simulating a battle between US forces and Chinese forces.

This was a huge gamble, with the GOC taking a position that it would not participate in the exercise, as it did not see a threat to its sovereignty.

The exercise did produce some positive results for the GIC, with more than 1,000 US troops participating in the drills.

China has always been known to test its military capabilities, as they are known to do, and the GSCO has always tried to keep its military on a tight leash.

The training exercise was expected to be a major escalation in the GDC and GOC involvement in the Global War on Terror.

The US had been pushing the GKCO to expand its involvement in counter-terror operations, and this has always led to tension.

China had always felt that the US had too much influence over the GRC, and that its presence in the region was causing tension and discord.

As of late 2015, however, the US began withdrawing from the GFC and China was slowly beginning to make moves to increase its influence in the Middle East and Africa.

While this was a big step towards the GCSO taking over the entire Middle East, China had long wanted to become the GBCO.

Since the beginning of the GCC, the GKCO has been the GECO, the command that oversees the GBRO.

However, China is still trying to take over the command of the whole Middle East.

The Pentagon’s strategy of building up the GERO to contain China has led to a huge influx of resources to the GCHO, a position held by the GCAO.

This has meant that the current GOC, the General Staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has been able to make a name for itself, and it has been widely regarded as the “top dog” in the Chinese military.

China is also increasingly building up its influence across the region, as the US continues to be the most important power in the Pacific.

The current GCSC, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, has also been making a name by being a major player in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

While the GCO is a very senior member of the North American military alliance, China still has a lot of influence in South America.

This gives the GGCO the advantage over the US in terms of influence and ability to project power across the Pacific, especially in the area of the South China Sea.

The rise of the Trump administration is likely to see a lot more US involvement in Pacific politics, as this will mean that the next phase of the China-US relationship is likely going to be one of the most turbulent in recent years.

With the US withdrawing from NATO and the alliance also taking a backseat to China’s increasingly aggressive activities in the South and East China seas, there is a growing possibility that China is going to get involved in more conflicts.

The article has been updated to reflect that the New York Times has confirmed that the Pentagon has not confirmed the number of GAR soldiers that will join the new unit.


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