Why is the United States fighting with ISIS in Iraq?

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The United States is engaging in “unprecedented” military action against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and is using the group as an “improvised battlefield”, a new Pentagon report claims.

The Pentagon report, entitled The Greater Middle East, was published this week, but was leaked by The Intercept.

The report says the US has been bombing ISIS targets for months, with the aim of creating “a unified and stable Iraq”.

“The United States has now entered a new era in the Middle East,” the report says.

“The Trump administration has declared war on ISIS and the region in general, and has begun using the ISIS threat to advance US national interests.

The United Kingdom has declared a new war on terrorism, and the United Arab Emirates has begun an offensive to reclaim their own territory from the Islamic State.”

The report said that US President Donald Trump is using ISIS as an improvised battlefield, and said that the US had used “unconventional tactics to degrade and ultimately destroy the organization”.

The report also said that a “small number of individuals” within the US government are coordinating and providing “operational guidance” to the US.

It added that the “threat from the group is significant”.

“ISIS is a formidable threat to the United Kingdom, United States, and global stability,” the Pentagon report said.

“While we continue to work closely with our allies and partners to degrade, and ultimately defeat the group, the United states will continue to act in a very limited and measured way.”

The Pentagon said the United Nations has been warned of the “danger of the group’s destabilizing activities and the risk of continued attacks against the United Nation’s security and interests”.

The United Nations, the report said, had been notified by “senior diplomats and security experts” that ISIS “has the capacity to target the United State and its interests around the world”.

The US has also reportedly conducted strikes against “multiple locations” in Syria, including the airport in Raqqa, the capital of ISIS, and other locations.

The Trump administration’s response to the Isis threat has been described by the US as “weak” and “politically motivated”, with some saying the US is trying to “punish” the group.

“This is the Trump administration trying to punish Syria for being a major supporter of ISIS,” New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman said on her Twitter account.

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The US is also reportedly conducting airstrikes against ISIS positions in Syria.

A US Air Force general, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, told the Associated Press news agency on Tuesday that he had “no reason to doubt” that the United state is taking action against the group “because it is now very clear” that it is a threat to “the United States and our allies”.


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